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During our sessions, I take the time to learn all I can about you;

it seems only fair that I share a little about me.


Photography has always been a part of my life, but my livelihood came from a customer service job I had for over a decade. 


When the pandemic hit, I realized I needed to do the very thing I ask of my clients:


Stop letting fear keep me from stepping into the unfamiliar.

So, I stepped away from customer service and committed completely to photography.

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Marie Hill

I haven't looked back.


I get to spend my days with a visionary team and inspiring clients in designing and capturing gorgeous photographs.


When I am not in this creative space, I am with my babies. Teaching and learning from my kids, experiencing this world with and through them, has been one of the biggest challenges and honors of my life.


Fortunately, founding Closed Doors has not only granted me more free time with them, it has shown them that, with tenacity, you can turn your passion into a profession.


As women, we often spend our day in service of others: our kids, our careers, our communities. Doing something nice for ourselves often slinks down our list of priorities. Just the thought of a professional boudoir photography session may get quickly dismissed by the many reasons we couldn’t, shouldn’t, wouldn’t. We need to lose ten more pounds. We’re not photogenic. Pregnancy, medication, or age has changed our bodies. We just don’t connect with that part of ourselves anymore.


Too many things hold us back from seeing and feeling how truly beautiful we really are. So, when a client does carve out the time, it is my mission and passion to deliver more than captivating photos.

I want to design an experience she will never forget.
We take time to collaborate on a vision that is as unique as each client’s story. To capture her essence and personality, I need to know who she is. To relax and be vulnerable, she needs to know I am listening.
By the time our hair and makeup team get to work, she has already started to step out of her day-to-day and into her own soulful sensuality. By the time she sheds her clothes, she has also shed the insecurities, nerves, and reasons why she couldn’t, shouldn’t, wouldn’t. Creating an experience that changes how she feels about herself sets the stage for a picture that can change how she sees herself.
It’s my honor to step into these intimate moments with her full elegance on display and capture photos that empower, inspire, and celebrate her self-discovery, strength, sexuality, and sensuality.   
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